What sort of motorbike should you buy?

I’m getting on a bit, you know what I mean?…. So when I told the plumber that was fixing a leak in my shower that I was going to relive my youth & buy a bike, he looked at me like I was an idiot!  But hey, there’s nothing else for it right?

So you’ve also decided it’s time to take the plunge and buy a bike. But how do you know what bike is right for you? There’s more to this decision than mere aesthetics, & David from the Cafe Racer Shop is here to tell you what to consider.


This is perhaps the most important question you need to consider when choosing your bike. What’s the main purpose of your bike going to be? What benefits of bike ownership are you most looking forward to enjoying?

     Cutting the costs of your daily commute

     Long, relaxed weekend rides with mates

     Off-road adventuring

     Short inner-city travel

     Low fuel costs

There are five main bike styles and each offer something different when it comes to comfort and performance. One of the main differentiators (outside of engine capabilities) is seat positioning and ergonomics.

Let’s take a look at the different styles…


These are the traditional, Harley-Davidson style bikes that are perfect for long, relaxed riding. The seat position is designed for comfort, sitting lower and allowing you to easily keep your feet off the ground.

Good for…long weekend rides with a group.


Sports bikes are designed to replicate a racing bike’s look and therefore can draw a new rider’s eye. They have tall seats that pitch you forward, allowing you to tuck under when reaching higher speeds. However, ergonomically they offer very little in the way of comfort if you plan to use the bike for any sort of commuting.

Good for…riders who plan to ride on a track at high speeds.


These bikes are your ‘jack-of-all-trades’. They’re sporty looking—usually coming with a powerful engine—but allow you to sit in a neutral riding position. This allows for comfort and puts less ergonomic strain on your spine.

Good for…daily riding, commuting.


These bikes will take you anywhere—allowing you the flexibility to ride them both off and on-road. Tall seats mean they might feel awkward if you’re shorter in stature but the neutral seat position means that they will carry you comfortably through a long day trip.

Good for…riders who plan to go on off-road adventures and ride daily


Whilst it packs little in the way of power, you won’t get more fuel-efficient than the humble scooter. Those who are a little timid will appreciate a scooter’s continuously variable transmission which means there is no need for a clutch or gear-shifting. They’re comfortable and designed to put the rider at ergonomic ease.

Good for…riders who will be commuting around an inner-city or people wanting to dip their toe into motorbike ownership.