What sort of motorbike should you buy?

I’m getting on a bit, you know what I mean?…. So when I told the plumber that was fixing a leak in my shower that I was going to relive my youth & buy a bike, he looked at me like I was an idiot!  But hey, there’s nothing else for it right?

So you’ve also decided it’s time to take the plunge and buy a bike. But how do you know what bike is right for you? There’s more to this decision than mere aesthetics, & David from the Cafe Racer Shop is here to tell you what to consider.


This is perhaps the most important question you need to consider when choosing your bike. What’s the main purpose of your bike going to be? What benefits of bike ownership are you most looking forward to enjoying?

     Cutting the costs of your daily commute

     Long, relaxed weekend rides with mates

     Off-road adventuring

     Short inner-city travel

     Low fuel costs

There are five main bike styles and each offer something different when it comes to comfort and performance. One of the main differentiators (outside of engine capabilities) is seat positioning and ergonomics.

Let’s take a look at the different styles…


These are the traditional, Harley-Davidson style bikes that are perfect for long, relaxed riding. The seat position is designed for comfort, sitting lower and allowing you to easily keep your feet off the ground.

Good for…long weekend rides with a group.


Sports bikes are designed to replicate a racing bike’s look and therefore can draw a new rider’s eye. They have tall seats that pitch you forward, allowing you to tuck under when reaching higher speeds. However, ergonomically they offer very little in the way of comfort if you plan to use the bike for any sort of commuting.

Good for…riders who plan to ride on a track at high speeds.


These bikes are your ‘jack-of-all-trades’. They’re sporty looking—usually coming with a powerful engine—but allow you to sit in a neutral riding position. This allows for comfort and puts less ergonomic strain on your spine.

Good for…daily riding, commuting.


These bikes will take you anywhere—allowing you the flexibility to ride them both off and on-road. Tall seats mean they might feel awkward if you’re shorter in stature but the neutral seat position means that they will carry you comfortably through a long day trip.

Good for…riders who plan to go on off-road adventures and ride daily


Whilst it packs little in the way of power, you won’t get more fuel-efficient than the humble scooter. Those who are a little timid will appreciate a scooter’s continuously variable transmission which means there is no need for a clutch or gear-shifting. They’re comfortable and designed to put the rider at ergonomic ease.

Good for…riders who will be commuting around an inner-city or people wanting to dip their toe into motorbike ownership.

Common Motorcycle Problems You Should Know About

Even a well-maintained car will have problems eventually. Before car problems happen it will manifest warning signs. Here are just some of the more common motorcycle problems:

Braking problem. The brake system of any vehicle should be in good working condition to have safe and reliable transportation. This is one of the most common motorcycle repairs done by mechanics. For brake drums, check it for wear & tear. If it is old, change it. You should monitor the brake pads regularly. More braking means the pads will get hotter and expand more which can result in poor braking.

In disk brakes, first of all check for the hydraulic fuel, whether its reaching the drums properly. Use only recommended fuel. Also check the buckets in the levers. Give the break shoes a regular checking.

Tire wear. Checking your tires regularly is an important step in protecting your safety and your motorcycle. Because of the frequent use, it can be damaged by nail punctures, or other debris, or when they are worn out over time, or from excessive use, they need to be repaired or replaced. Also, tire checkup is helpful to reduce wear downs and to prolong the tires.

Poorly lubricated chains. A properly lubricated chain is important. It can prevent the chain from snapped, or binding and locking of the drive train, which could lead to engine damage or cause you to have a major accident.

Periodic checkup and maintenance help achieve optimal driving experience. Knowing common motorcycle problems and repairs will help you avoid major issues, and be prepared when they do happen. Get help from an expert mechanic to make sure the job is done right.

How To Take Care Of Your Motorcycle’s Paint

protect motorcycle paintYou love your motorcycle and keeping it that clean means you have a genuine two-wheeled passion. You want your motorcycle’s exteriors looking cool at all times. So how do you to protect your motorcycle’s paint?

Keep it clean

If you often use your bike, it is exposed to a lot of elements that can affect its paint condition. Grime, muck, dust are just some of the elements your bike can catch on the road. It is essential to keep your bike clean at all times so good wash after that long hard ride will definitely prevent wear down on the paint’s shine.

Apply a good layer of wax or polish

While a good wash will remove the dirt off, a good polishing job will keep your bike’s paint sparkling. A manageable amount of wax or polish can protect your bike’s paint from the elements. Applying wax to your bike’s exterior paint will make sure that the dust just falls off rather than sticking onto the paint. It also makes cleaning much easier process.

Cover it up

The effect of washing and waxing your bike will not last for long when you just parked your bike open to the elements. If you do not have covered parking for your bike, make sure you to cover it up with a good quality parking cover. Parking your bike in an open area exposed in the sun will only cause early fading of paint. A good fitting parking cover ensures your bike is well protected from damaging elements at all times.

How To Find A Reliable Car Mechanic?

mobile car mechanic service dinmoreSome car owners have to face the hassle of bringing their car to a mechanic repair shop as some mechanics are quite hard to handle. If you are in need of car mechanic, how would you find the right one you can trust?

Think before you deciding. Take a moment before you choose a car mechanic. Do not choose a mechanic on an impulse as you might end up regretting the choice later on. You want to make sure that you get a qualified mechanic for the service at a reasonable cost. It is important to do your research about the mechanics you have on your list.

Tidy mechanic shop. Most people think that a mechanic’s area is always dirty and messy but this might not be true. Though it is common to see a thin layer of dirt or grease around most garages, that is a kind of expected.

However, there is no reason for a car mechanic to have a chaotic garage. They should know where to find their tools so they can get them immediately, and the other tools that they need. They should also have a decent area for their expecting clients. You may want to consider some other more professional shop when a mechanic’s garage is unusually dirty, disorganised, and works with old tools.

How they work with their clients. In the industry, service providers are expected to deliver high-quality service for their clients. Take note of how the mechanic deals with their clients. Is the mechanic polite? Are your car questions answered by the mechanic? A reliable car mechanic should be able to handle his/her clients in a professional manner.

Common Car Air Conditioning System Issues

mobile car repairs collingwood parkThe air conditioning system is an important component of any vehicle. It cools and conditions the air in your car for the passengers to feel comfortable while riding along, particularly on hot summer days. The air could get pretty stale without a properly functioning A/C system. It also prevents moisture from the air and keeps the windows from fogging up.

Of course, maintaining the air condition system in your car is key to a comfortable ride. To maintain a properly working air conditioning unit in your car, it can be helpful to know the common air conditioning problems. Here are common air conditioning system issues that you should look out for:

Contaminate refrigirant. Contaminants and debris may build up and eventually clog the system. It may cause the A/C hoses to deteriorate and affect the efficiency of the system. This problem may exhaust the A/C components and damage the system. That could mean costly repairs.

Leaks. When hoses, seals or gaskets of the A/C system develop a leak, the entire system is forced to work harder and less efficiently. An exhausted air conditioning system could spell trouble for your car and your pocket.

When you notice any issues with your air conditioning system, do not ignore it. Talk to your trusted auto repair shop about A/C system services. If any of components are not working properly, they can check up the unit and repair the problem of your car A/C system. It is best to have a periodic checkup to maintain a properly working air conditioning system in your car.


Signs You Need To Change Your Wipers

mobile car repairs ipswichDo you really need to change the wipers in your car? Well, of course, you do. The problem with wipers is that most drivers do not realise that they need to change them until heavy rains start to fall. If your wipers have already deteriorated, your windshield will be left with an uneven wipe that will leave you without a clear view of the road.

To check the quality of your car wipers, make sure to check them once a month and if you find something wrong with them, better replace them right away.

Here are some signs that your wipers need new quality blades:

Worn rubber. It is natural for your wipers to worn out especially as it ages so once you find that the rubbers are worn, just replace them with a new one.

Chattering. They can also develop a chattering sound as they pass across the windshield. This occurs as the rubber create a curve when they are not mostly used.

Streaking. Streaking can happen when the rubber becomes hard and develop cracks. The windshield can also get this from tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances getting in contact with them.

Split rubber. The rubber can be affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays or simply because the rubber is too old.

Bent wiper frame. Accidents can happen and the wiper can also be bent mostly in automatic car washes.

Wipers may not be one of your top priorities when it comes to adding more accessories to your car but it is one of the most important components on your vehicle that give you more clear visibility while driving on the road. So, if you see that your wipers need replacing, do not hesitate to replace them.

Helpful Tips For A Worry-Free Winter Driving

mobile car repairs riverviewSince it is still winter and driving your vehicle especially when the snow is heavily falling may become difficult, it is best to gear your vehicle up and hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. There are seasonal car checkups that you can do to ensure that you and your passengers are safe while also ensuring that the car operates efficiently during the winter months.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a worry-free winter driving:

Have a box full of winter supplies. This is the best and most important thing you can do for your car now that the winter is here. Place your winter supply in the trunk as this can be very helpful if something goes wrong while travelling on a cold day.

Your box should include the following:

  • Flashlight
  • First-aid kit
  • A few blankets
  • Road flares
  • A change of warm clothes
  • Extra pairs of gloves
  • A radio
  • A charged cellphone for emergency calls
  • An extra ice scraper
  • Some high-energy snacks

Check the engine. Be particular in checking the engine coolant and antifreeze levels since, without them, your engine can freeze which can be dangerous if you become stranded somewhere. You can also bring a kit for checking the engine coolant levels which can be found in every auto supply store. To check the antifreeze, follow the instructions in your car’s manual. But if you feel you do not understand this and you want to be careful, you can have a certified mechanic check it for you.

Check your tire pressure. Good tires will help keep you safe on the road especially during winter. So make sure that the tire pressure is good and your tires needed air is filled.